Start your engines, boys! Corinne Olympios, 25, is single and ready to mingle now that she split from boyfriend Jordan Gielchinsky and put her Bachelor baggage behind her. The controversial party girl told Life & Style exclusively what a man can do to get on her radar. Honestly, it doesn’t sound that hard.

“[I need] a man that has his s–t together,” she explained. That may sound pretty basic, but apparently she’s been having a hard time finding a serious, down-to-earth guy. “They don’t exist, I swear.” Corinne has been on the hunt lately, but she hasn’t had any luck at all. “Where you at?” she pleaded to her future Mr. Right.

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However, there are a few things she’s not willing to do to find The One. First of all, you won’t see her on Tinder. When we asked if she’s been using dating apps during her search for love, she gave an emphatic “God, no.” Also, don’t expect her to start hanging around with her ex Nick Viall now that he and Vanessa Grimaldi have called it quits. “That ship has sailed,” she insisted.

There’s a small chance that Corinne may not need to worry about dating, because fans think she might be the next Bachelorette! She gave the weirdest answer back in August when an interviewer questioned if she would consider the role, asking someone off-camera if she’s “allowed to answer this.” Last time we checked, you don’t need permission to say you aren’t going to be The Bachelorette.

Corinne has been on quite the roller coaster since wrapping Nick’s season of The Bachelor. Just days after she arrived in Mexico to film Bachelor in Paradise production was stopped due to an alleged sex scandal. Despite having a boyfriend during the show, Corinne ended up hooking up with DeMario Jackson, which lead to a third-party complaint and an investigation. At the time, her boyfriend Jordan defended her, but she revealed that they broke up in August, and was spotted smooching someone new at a Vegas pool party on Sept. 3. She put it all in the past when she made up with DeMario at the finale on Sept. 11, and now she can finally live her life (and find love) again without that weight on her shoulders.

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