Earlier this year, actress Debra Messing opened up about an incident more than 20 years ago in which a director recommended she get a nose job. “My nose and I have come this far,” Debra, now 49, says, “and like Barbra Streisand, I’m defiantly keeping it.”

Her all-natural schnoz aside, the star of the newly revived Will & Grace appears to be taking other measures to maintain her beauty. “It seems to me she is focusing on preventing age-related changes to the face,” says dermatologist Dr. Margarita Lolis, who, like the other doctors quoted here, hasn’t worked with Debra. “She has no crow’s feet, which leads me to believe she’s used Botox.”

Debra, who is an ambassador for the nonsurgical body treatment CoolSculpting, “has maintained an age appropriate, beautiful look,” says plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Neinstein, “likely through subtle use of Botox and fillers.” Plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn adds, “Her skin is perfect as porcelain. Overall, she looks awesome for her age!” Scroll down for a closer look.

debra messing getty

Debra in 1990 (left) vs. 2017. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)


Dr. Youn suspects Botox ($800) has made Debra’s forehead “smooth and wrinkle-free.” Dr. Lolis adds that hairline laser treatments ($1K-$3K) may have “heightened her forehead.”


No nose job here, but Dr. Lolis sees signs of a minor tweak. “She seems to have had filler on her nasal bridge to contour and make it look slimmer.” Cost: $750-$1,500.


“Her cheeks have really maintained their youthful fullness,” observes Dr. Youn. He thinks the actress has gotten injections of a filler like Voluma, at a cost of about $4K per treatment.


The experts have different theories about Debra’s skin. Dr. Youn believes she gets chemical peels ($1K), while Dr. Neinstein suspects collagen induction therapy ($4K).