Too cute! Demi Lovato showed off her adorable blue kitchen on Instagram Live on Tuesday, April 7, and it’s giving us major home decor inspo.

The 27-year-old revealed she is quarantining at her parents’ house in Los Angeles to help them amid the coronavirus pandemic, so it’s safe to say good taste runs in the fam! The kitchen consisted of blue shelves and cabinets and gave off a cozy feel.

Demi Lovato's Kitchen
Courtesy of Demi Lovato/Instagram

If you follow Demi on Instagram, you may have noticed she’s been very active these days. Recently, she went Instagram Live with Miley Cyrus to reconnect and talk about a number of important issues, including body image.

Demi gave fans advice about how to deal with these types of insecurities. “I think it’s so important for anybody that has dealt with body image … it’s so important not to get consumed with negative self-talk … It’s OK to be gentle with yourself and to take care of yourself,” she said on March 17.

In addition to using Instagram Live to connect with people, the pop star has also been staying in touch by FaceTiming friends.

“It’s actually really funny because the first night that I got on, I answered the phone and it was Bill Clinton on FaceTime,” she told Jimmy Fallon during a virtual interview on March 31. “He was the guest of honor. And all the sudden I see Ariana [Grande] and Katy Perry and all these celebrities and Scooter [Braun]. And every night it’s somebody new.”

The “I Love Me” singer revealed that up to 30 famous celebs can be on at once. “It’s just really funny because you can’t really get anybody on there in the entertainment business that would be cool because everybody on that chat is in the entertainment business,” the brunette beauty said. “So you have to get somebody on there that’s a politician or from a reality show. I think we had someone from Tiger King one night. It’s so wild. It’s like, who’s gonna be next?”

We can’t wait to see!