This songstress isn’t looking back! As 10-year challenge photos fill up our social media feeds, there’s one celeb you won’t see doing a comparison photo anytime soon. Demi Lovato has a very legit reason for not participating in the throwback fun, and it should definitely be your mood for 2019. The “Daddy Issues” singer is simply enjoying the present too much.

“Sorry, I’d love to post a #10yearchallenge pic but I’m too busy living in the moment,” Demi, 26, wrote on her Instagram story explaining her decision. While the response was a bit tongue-in-cheek, we can’t blame the songstress for wanting to look ahead instead of backward. There’s no time like the present, right?

Demi Lovato instagram story 10 year challenge

After a near-fatal overdose back in July, the singer is obviously eager to move forward and keep her eyes on the current moment. After spending some time in rehab, Demi returned to Los Angeles on Nov. 6. “I am so grateful to be home in time to vote!” the starlet captioned the first post-rehab photo of herself at the polling booth.

Since then, she’s sparked a new romance with designer Henri Levy. There were some heavy rumors circulating about the supposed couple in November, but Demi took the conversation into her own hands when she posted a video via Instagram Story of the two smooching on Dec. 29.

The brunette bombshell is focusing on her health and spending tons of time relaxing with her family before throwing herself back into music. “I’m so blessed I get to take this time to be with family, relax, work on my mind, body, and soul and come back when I’m ready,” Demi said in a Twitter post. “I have my fans to thank for that.”

We were glad to see you 10 years ago but we’re happier to see you now, Demi!

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