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Did Call Her Daddy’s Alex Cooper Get Plastic Surgery? Photos and Her Quotes About Going Under the Knife

“Call Her Daddy” podcast host Alex Cooper has become a celebrity in her own right, and with her fame, have come questions about if she’s had plastic surgery. She’s responded to speculation that she’s gone under the knife multiple times over the years.

During a November 2021 podcast episode, Alex, 27, talked about spending considerable time and money to look her best, which included getting her hair done, spray tans and getting Botox during a trip to New York City.

She said she got Botox “for the first time” during a trip to the Big Apple at the time, noting that she had the injections in her forehead. 

“I was freaking,” the Pennsylvania native admitted as the aesthetician consoled her that she was “going to be fine.”

Alex pointed to not being able to stand the sight of needles and blood due to having vasovagal syncope, a condition where people faint at the sight of certain triggers, as the reason why she hasn’t gone under the knife more extensively. 

“For my entire life, I have passed out on needles and blood,” the former Barstool Sports host explained at the time, noting that she wouldn’t be able to handle a foreign object in her body. For this reason, Alex has avoided breast implants and said she stays away from intrauterine birth control devices. 

That being said, Alex talked about editing her social media photos after receiving backlash for posting an edited picture from her birthday trip to Las Vegas in August 2021. People noticed the drastic altering after her pal shared the same snapshot without any edits. 

The Boston University graduate said she used the editing application FaceTune to give herself an hourglass shape. She noted that she’s been altering her photos since high school, doing things like making her legs look curvier. 

“People may be like, ‘Oh my God, you’re just admitting this because you got caught.’ Yeah, but also no, but yes,” Alex said on her podcast at the time. “I think in a way it’s almost like an intervention.”

The former soccer player previously denied plastic surgery rumors in December 2018 — claiming editing was the reason she looked different in a photo. During an episode of her and former cohost Sofia Franklyn’s podcast, both ladies denied having any plastic surgery or fillers. However, Alex said the cover picture for their podcast was Photoshopped and she had done the “Kylie Jenner lip challenge” before getting the photo taken, which gave her a fuller looking pout. 

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