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Did Kristen Bell Get Plastic Surgery? See Her Transformation From ‘Veronica Mars’ to Netflix Stardom

Actress Kristen Bell gradually rose to fame after she starred in Veronica Mars from 2004 to 2007, and she has now reached new heights with her 2022 Netflix miniseries, Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window. Since fame comes with overwhelming attention though, people are wondering whether Kristen got plastic surgery at one point. 

With Kristen being a mom of two — to daughters Delta and Lincoln Shepard, whom she shares with husband Dax Shepard — some find it hard to believe that this busy lady can look as beautiful as she is without a few cosmetic alterations. But the When in Rome star has not confirmed ever going under the knife. She has, however, discussed her impactful skincare routine. 

“When you’re focused on skincare, I think people miss the steps that affect the skin so much, which is your mental health or your stress,” she told Vogue in August 2021. 

Since living in the spotlight comes with its difficulties, Kristen explained that she prioritizes hydration, between eight to nine hours of sleep per night and meditation in order to avoid skin irritation that could cause redness. 

“[Meditation] is calming to my skin … because it’s calming to my mind,” she added. “If I can find 10 minutes once or even twice a week, my whole body, my digestion, my skin, my attitude — it’s all calmer.” 

The Michigan native also touched on the subject of makeup and how she has scaled back on the amount she wears. 

“I used to feel like I was so concerned with how I look, [but] I think in my 30s and 40s, I realized it is really more about health and how I feel,” she said. “That’s kind of what I’m coming to terms with, with my skin, is I want my skin to feel healthy at all times.” 

Despite keeping it au naturel most of the time, Kristen emphasized that others should find their own groove when it comes to personal appearances. 

“I think makeup and skincare is exactly like clothing,” the former New York University musical theatre student noted. “Does it make you feel fun to have lipstick on? Then wear it!” 

As the founder of CBS skincare and bath products company Happy Dance, Kristen tends to go completely makeup-free from time to time on her Instagram feed, as she promotes new products or takes a simple selfie outside. 

Scroll through the gallery to see Kristen’s stunning transformation over the years!