Kristy Katzmann had one goal going into Labor of Love: find a man to share her parenthood journey with. While we’re still waiting to see who she picks to be the father of her child (though we do have some spoiler ideas here) fans are getting downright desperate to know if the former Bachelor contestant is pregnant (or even had a baby already!) following the FOX reality show. Find out who won and if they’re still together, here!

The series seems to have filmed in early 2019 — technically enough time to conceive AND birth a baby by now — and Kristy made it clear that she was planning to start a family no matter what, even if it meant doing it on her own. The first episode even shows her visiting the OVA Egg Freezing Specialty Centre in Chicago.

However, it doesn’t appear that Kristy used those eggs immediately after filming ended. In fact, she posted several full-body photos throughout 2019, included some in a bikini, that made it abundantly clear there was no bun in her oven. She even posted a photo at dinner with a glass of wine in July 2019.

Is Kristy Katzmann Pregnant?
Wilford Harewood

However, her feed began looking a bit different in early 2020. The last new photo she posted that showed her stomach was in early February, and something she posted in early June really got fans wondering if she was expecting. When she and her sister did a little Q&A in which they answered questions for each other, her sis wrote that Kristy preferred wine to coffee, but that it was “temporarily on hold” with a winking emoji. “Hmm interesting bit you disclosed here,” wrote one intrigued fan.

Then, on June 23, Kristy shared her favorite berry smoothie recipe. “Today I’m sharing my favorite ‘go-to’ smoothie recipe because let’s face it, life gets hectic and your health is important!” she wrote. “For all you mamas and mamas-to-be out there, the right smoothie is a great and delicious way to ensure proper nutrition when you don’t have time (pretty much always) or food is a major turnoff (hello ‘morning sickness’).” She also joked about “getting to keep the cute bassinet” in a photo from one of the Labor of Love episodes.

Kristy Katzmann and Father

Of course, there are also signs she may not be pregnant. On Father’s Day, for example, she didn’t post anything special for her hypothetical baby’s father, and seemed instead to spend some quality time with her own. To be fair, though, Kristy likely has a clause in her contract that she can’t give away any spoilers until after the show, which would mean hiding a pregnancy from social media. And in the same pic, fans did think they spotted another hint.

“I feel like you might be using those flowers to hide a baby bump?” wrote a follower. “Either way I have been very inspired by your journey and you are continually showing us women our value and not to settle.” “This is amazing and means so much to me!” Kristy replied, ignoring the bump comment. “Could not ask for a better outcome than to help other women along my journey. Truly near and dear to my heart. Thank you for watching and for your support.”

It looks like we’ll just have to wait and see what happens after the finale!