It’s been a wild ride for Labor of Love star Kristy Katzmann and her final contestants Stewart Gill and Kyle Klinger! Kristy, 41, chose to start a family with Kyle, 38, after eight weeks of proving he was ready to be a supportive partner and amazing father. But after a rushed finale and some confusing social media posts, fans are dying to know if they’re still together! 

The show ended with Kristy and Kyle visiting her fertility doctor, who suggested they had a good chance of conceiving naturally and that they should start trying immediately. Kristy made it clear that she wanted to have a baby within the year — the show filmed from February to April 2019, so that deadline has since passed. Unfortunately, they’ve broken up since the finale.

While answering questions on Instagram Stories during the finale, Kristy was asked if she is “still open to dating,” which she replied to with the “100” emoji, insinuating she’s single once again. She confirmed the news in a post-show interview with People, saying, “I think at the end of the day I made a decision based on the relationships that felt the most real to me, and I did have a lot of questions about Kyle still. We didn’t actually have that much time to spend together on the show, and I think as we got on the other side of the show, unfortunately, it just kind of became clear that we just weren’t compatible.”

Kristy Katzmann and Kyle Klinger Labor of Love

“There was a lot riding on this relationship for me because it really was the last relationship I would have to start a family with someone or to pursue motherhood on my own, but the good news about that is I think that when you kind of set those parameters for yourself, as soon as I realized it wasn’t right, I do think our lifestyles were very different,” she continued. “I think our timelines were very different. I really just had to pick up and keep moving forward, which is the motto of my life. Just keep moving forward.”

Before fans saw their love story unfold, Kristy dropped a few clues prior to the finale that hinted Kyle was her guy. In August 2019, she shared on LinkedIn that she started a new job at Ora Organic, which is located in the 6-foot-8 stud’s hometown of Austin. She previously worked for natural supplement brand Garden of Life in Chicago.

More mounting evidence included a lookalike photo of the reality couple stand-up paddleboarding. Kristy shared the Instagram photo in June 2019, while being careful not to share her location. Kyle posted the a very similar sunny snapshot to his feed two months later and geotagged Lady Bird Lake. Fans also speculated the pair was spending time together after the Texas native credited some of his photos in summer 2019 with “#bestphotographerever,” thinking Kristy was the anonymous shutterbug. After the show, she confirmed that she had moved to Austin and dated Kyle for a few months before splitting. Now she’s heading back to Chicago.

Of course the big question is: Is Kristy pregnant? “I was going through some egg retrievals over the summer when Kyle and I were still together,” she explained. “Then once I realized that was not going to be the right relationship, I did continue to pursue motherhood on my own.” She immediately jumped back into the process, and said her first round in early 2020 failed. Coronavirus put things on hold, but she has every intention to become a mom as soon as she can. In the end, the brunette beauty is “happy” and “proud” of how everything turned out, and we can’t wait to see what she does next!