It didn’t take long for Labor of Love fans to notice Kristy Katzmann had a special relationship with contestant Kyle Klinger. Even before the two shared a one-on-one date, the other dads-to-be began seeing the 6-foot-8 hunk as a threat when Kristy shouted him out twice during a group game. Find out who won and if they’re still together, here!

While fans didn’t get to see all of their one-on-one in episode 5 besides some glasses of wine and a steamy makeout session, Kristy revealed that there was a lot of bonding going on behind the scenes. “What you saw of Kyle and I’s date (wine on my patio) was actually a last-minute ‘afterthought’ because our ACTUAL date had so many technical difficulties we barely spent time together,” she revealed on Instagram. “Our real date was decorating a baby’s room for a local veteran. The couple was so sweet and it was an added bonus that I could hang the drapes without a ladder just by sitting on Kyle’s shoulders!”

Does Kyle Klinger Win Labor of Love
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Kyle further impressed Kristy when the guys were asked to clean the house while caring for robotic babies for the day in episode 6. He ended up winning the activity by taking the best care of his doll, and while some of the guys were annoyed that he didn’t clean as much as they did, Kristy was awed by how much he prioritized his “child.” It’s obvious she thinks he’ll make a great daddy if they have a baby together! Read on to learn more about Kyle.

What Does Kyle Klinger Do for Work?

Kyle currently works as a construction project manager at Sport Clips Haircuts, according to his LinkedIn page. He started that gig in September 2019, and is responsible for “project managing all corporate & franchise-related development and remodel projects.” He describes himself as an “experienced franchise industry expert with a proven track record in franchise support, franchise development, project management, operations, marketing, strategic planning, supply chain and P&L management,” and a “natural leader with a performance-driven mindset skillful at building loyal teams, establishing a vision, defining goals, and achieving results.”

He’s also a former division one and professional volleyball player, as well as a military veteran who acted as an aircraft electrical engineer for the AirForce before he was honorably discharged.

Who Is Kyle Klinger Labor of Love
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Where Does Kyle Klinger Live?

Kyle lives in Austin, Texas, but has done a fair amount of traveling and lived all over the world before settling down. He attended college in both Hawaii and Seoul, Korea, and is even proficient in speaking Korean!

Does Kyle Klinger Win Labor of Love?

Though the first season of Labor of Love hasn’t technically been spoiled, there is reason to believe Kristy may have chosen Kyle as the man she wants to have a baby with. Suspicious Instagram photos at the same locations and Kristy starting a new job in Austin seem to point to Kyle as the winner! You can see more clues Kristy and Kyle are together, here.