Reality star Kristy Katzmann has made her mission clear: to have a baby ASAP, with or without a man. While she’s currently trying to find the perfect guy to raise a child with on FOX’s new show Labor of Love, the brunette beauty’s net worth proves she can support a family all by herself if none of the suitors are right for her. Find out who won and if they’re still together, here!

What Is Kristy Katzmann’s Net Worth?

While it’s hard to nail down exactly how much Kristy is worth because she’s been living as a private citizen until 2020, Famous Data estimates she could be worth as much as $1 million. We’re sure that number has only gone up after her stint on reality TV!

What Is Kristy Katzmann’s Job?

Before filming Labor of Love, Kristy was a sales representative for natural supplement brand Garden of Life in Chicago. After filming, she switched companies and began working for lifestyle startup Ora Organic in August 2019, which also makes organic supplements, according to her LinkedIn. The company is based in San Diego, CA, but also lists its location as Austin, Texas, which is interesting because that’s where one of Kristy’s suitors lives — click here for possible spoilers!

Oh, and of course we can’t forget “reality star” on her resume. Not only is she the lead of Labor of Love, but she’s also appeared as a contestant on The Bachelor on ABC!

Who Does Kristy Katzmann Pick Spoilers

Where Does Kristy Katzmann Live?

Kristy describes herself as a “Chicago girl,” but declined to say where she resides following filming and no longer geotags any of her Instagram photos. “I can’t totally say where I live now,” she told Women’s Health, and we’re willing to guess that’s because she moved to where her Labor of Love winner lives so it needs to be kept secret.

Could Kristy Katzmann’s Suitors Support Her?

Kristy has some very successful guys in the bunch! Frontrunner Stewart Gill is an entrepreneur who created a fitness app called EVOLUTIONSapp. Marcus Lehman is both an anesthesiologist and a former reality star from Survivor. Trent Broach is a professional tennis player and coach, while Kyle Klinger is a Director of Sales and Marketing who used to be in the Air Force and Gary Malec is a baseball bat manufacturer. It sounds like all of these guys are ready to be dads — both emotionally and financially!