If you're still looking for a way to get in shape for summer 2018, why not take some inspiration from one of the sexiest women in the world? Dita Von Teese has shared how she gets that insane hourglass figure (besides the corsets, obviously) and it's something you can totally use in your own life to get some amazing results without starving yourself!

First of all, Dita is the perfect woman to look up to when it comes to #bodygoals. That's because she is more interested in being healthy than being stick-thin. "Forget that beach body ready stuff; find role models that you can actually aspire to look like and appreciate different types of beauty," she told Hello! Mag in 2015. "I'm somebody who has never had the typical beach bod." She says that rather than looking at the Victoria's Secret girls, she admires "other idols – Rita Hayworth, Hedy Lamarr… I looked at these totally beautiful women and thought, 'I can aspire to that.'" And now you can aspire to it, too, with Dita's guidance.

Dita doesn't believe in dieting, instead, she has a set of "disciplines" in place to keep her healthy. She told Vogue in 2014 that she likes to start her day by "drinking a large glass of water, preferably with fresh lemon," after seven to nine hours of great sleep. She also "does pilates every morning," and you can bet she looks chic af doing it. "I get dressed in my Pilates 'uniform,' or black capri pants, fitted black or white T-shirt, ballet flats and either a coat or skirt. I always do a sweep of powder and matte red lipstick, and always a chignon." And of course, "ideally I'd have sex, too!" That's advice to live by, folks!

So what does she eat? Though Dita isn't vegan, she told Bon Appetit in 2015 that she likes to "eat vegan before 6 p.m. so that I can feel free to indulge when I want to. I love good vegan restaurants, and I’m interested in consuming less animal products, plus I have more energy when I don’t eat meat." She also tries to be "totally vegan" at least three days a week. So what does she eat before 6 p.m.?

"I'm into making my smoothie every morning which is 70 percent greens, 30 percent fruit and I blend it up with water – that's my breakfast," she told Hello! Mag. "For lunch I'll have a salad or a vegetarian soup and for dinner maybe a quinoa or brown rice kind of dish." Dita shared more ideas with Bon Appetit, saying, "I always have a few go-to meals, like eggs, avocado, and millet bread. I love toasted gluten-free bread with avocado and truffle or smoked sea salt on top. I like to baste eggs in broth or cook them in ramekins with sautéed mushrooms and herbs. I like to make big pots of kabocha squash or parsnip soup, and I always have arugula and cherry tomatoes so that I can make a simple salad with a touch of rice vinegar and olive oil and some pine nuts." She also loves spicing up her food with a gourmet spicy mustard.

So what about after 6 p.m., when she wants something more indulgent? "My vice is having really good tacos with a nice smoky shot of sipping mezcal. I also occasionally love an In-N-Out Burger, or a 3 a.m. hotel room service burger after a show," she told Bon Appetit. She also loves a good drink, but not a sugary one. "I love a properly made dirty, dry vodka martini," she said. "I don’t like drinks that are too sweet, and I don’t like to drink my calories."

One sweet thing she does love? Dessert! However, she doesn't want just any old sugar bomb, and she doesn't need a lot to satisfy her craving. "The scent of something cinnamon-y came wafting out of the open kitchen," she described to Grub Street in 2012. "We called out to the chef and asked what it is. Freshly baked beignets? We begged for one bite. Two minutes later, one single little beignet laced with chocolate arrived with two forks. Perfect. I’m a bit of a dessert snob, it’s true. I don’t diet; I save my indulgences for when it’s worth it." Another dessert that was "worth it" was one bite of a chocolate chip cookie the following night.

"This set of disciplines work for me, they make me feel like I'm doing something right and keep me from having to diet," she explained. "I just try and stay sensible." If we can eat like Dita and still have an amazing body, then it's sensible enough for us! Thanks for the advice, Dita!