The ‘DWTS’ Mirror Ball Trophy Is Alan Bersten and Hannah Brown’s Baby — His Hilarious Videos Prove It

While most of us are wishing Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten were a real couple, we’ll have to settle for the next best thing: seeing them be parents to a mirror ball trophy. After the pair won first place on Dancing With the Stars, they’ve been feeling super proud. However, Alan has taken it up a notch when he by treating the trophy as his baby — literally!

The 25-year-old dance pro, who won the DWTS for the very first time, has been spoiling the mirror ball. Thanks to him, his ~baby~ is now wearing a literal diaper. Alan even feed spoons the thing. Hey, we’re not judging. He worked hard for it!

Not only did Alan want to win the mirror ball for himself, but also for Hannah. “Honestly, I’ve said it before. I just want Hannah to win,” he told Life & Style and other outlets on November 18. “It’s incredible for a pro to get a mirror ball, but it’s all about Hannah’s journey, and she’s grown so much. Even though we’re a team, I want her to win. I guess if I’m a part of that, I’ll take the mirror ball!” How sweet is he?

Hannah was on the same boat, too. “Really, I want to be the person that is able to have that moment with Alan, because he is so incredible and so passionate about his craft, and that is really awesome to be able to see,” she divulged. “I feel like he loves what he does and it would be great to be able to have that moment with him to see his hard work that he’s invested into me for him.”

Since the DWTS finale, Alan and the Alabama native have kept in touch. “Hannah and Alan do miss being together every day, but they don’t miss the day to day grind of rehearsals,” an insider exclusively divulged to Life & Style. So many people, including their friends, want to see them together, but that seems unlikely for now. “Hannah says she isn’t ready to date anyone right now,” another source exclusively told Life & Style. Guess we’ll have to wait and see if something changes!

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