Fans have been shipping Hannah Brown and Alan Bersten ever since the two were matched as partners on Dancing With the Stars. While the blonde beauty, 24, has consistently denied there is any romance brewing between the two, it looks like host Erin Andrews has some tea on the duo. However, she’s mostly staying tight-lipped, not wanting to upset fans.

“I have zero idea,” the 41-year-old exclusively told Life & Style when asked if she thinks Hannah and Alan are a real-life couple. “Alan’s fan base is pretty rabid. If you ever kind of insinuate maybe somebody’s in a relationship, his fan base comes at you. So mum’s the word for me and Alan’s fan base.”

According to Hannah, though, there’s nothing going on between her and the 25-year-old. “We are dance partners and we have the best time together and we have a friendship that is great,” she told Life & Style and other reporters on the September 30 live taping.

Erin, who just launched a NFL apparel collection called WEAR by Erin Andrews, also addressed a recent awkward (yet funny) encounter, which involved Hannah mishearing something she said. It all started when Erin asked Hannah why Alan is the ideal dance partner for her during the September 16 premiere. “Yeah, I think Alan can handle me because I am like a roller coaster of emotions every single day, so we fight, and then we are best friends,” the former Bachelorette said during the episode before she became confused by what Erin told her.

“Well I mumble a bit and I’m not very clear but she was talking about how they fight and I said, ‘Oh and you make up,’ and she goes, ‘No we’re friends,’ and I said, ‘yeah I didn’t say make out,'” Erin told Life & Style about her convo with Hannah. “But she’s really really sweet. I really enjoy getting to know her. She’s adorable. She is a good time.”

Erin isn’t the only one not spilling any relationship tea these days. When Hannah was asked about Demi Lovato and Mike Johnson’s budding romance, she kept her answer simple. “I am friends with Mike and I am friends with Demi and I have … whatever they choose to do, that is their thing,” she divulged to Life & Style and other reporters on September 30. “Look, I am used to people, people having opinions about if I have a relationship or if I don’t and so I do not talk where I don’t need to, so really just excited for her future.”

So are we!