Stud alert! Mike Johnson shook up Bachelor in Paradise when he arrived on the beach during the August 12 episode. He caught the eye of all the ladies, but particularly Onyeka Ehie and Caelynn Miller-Keyes. He ended up using his coveted date card to take out the former beauty queen and they seemed to really hit it off.

Cam Ayala gave Caelynn a rose during the first elimination ceremony and was devastated when she was whisked away by the former contestant from Hannah Brown‘s season. While the two went out to dinner to explore their potential relationship more, Cam moped around the beach to grieve his short-lived Paradise romance.

Cam Ayala Bachelor in Paradise week 2 private interview

“I’m attracted to you but our conversation drew me even more,” Mike confessed to the former Miss North Carolina later that evening. He also admitted, “I didn’t know you were talking to Cam … My focus is on who I want to be with.”

The feeling seemed totally mutual. “I was intrigued by you and wanted to know more about you,” Caelynn gushed but noted that finding love under a microscope has been tough. She confessed, “Me, where I’m at, you came down at the perfect time. It’s hard when you get your heart broken … and you’re really vulnerable.”

Their date went amazingly, but does Mike get engaged on Paradise? Caution: Spoilers about the rest of the season are below. Don’t keep reading if you don’t want to know what happens.

Mike Johnson Pink Shirt on Paradise Does Mike Get Engaged

Despite Caelynn and Mike hitting it off quickly, they fizzle out once Dean Unglert shows up before the second rose ceremony. The brunette beauty previously admitted to sliding into his DMs before appearing on Colton Underwood‘s season so she’s been crushing on Dean for awhile.

As for Mike, he and Sydney Lotuaco exchange roses for a few weeks until the fourth elimination ceremony when the dancer opts to deeper explore her relationship with Matt Donald.

Don’t feel too sad for Mike, Bachelor Nation. If the Texas native is still available, that definitely helps his chances to become the next Bachelor.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed, but we have no doubt Mike has love in his future!