Hmmm … she’s obviously a fan of the franchise. Caelynn admitted that before appearing on Colton Underwood‘s season of The Bachelor, she slid into Paradise alum Dean Unglert‘s direct messages on Instagram. Considering he’s a major stud from the show, we don’t blame her and it was before her time on the show. However, it does seem weird to tell a bunch of women who you’re competing with for someone else’s heart.

“At Women Tell All, Dean got brought up. Once upon a time, I slid into Dean’s DMs,” Caelynn revealed during an episode recap with the Ellen DeGeneres staff. This is obviously very surprising but the former contestant shrugged it off. Kirpa weighed in with more details during Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti‘s Almost Famous podcast.

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The former contestant confirmed that Caelynn said that she messaged Dean but it was the timing that rubbed her the wrong way. “I think what turned me off was how far along we were in the process and that’s when she was bringing it up … We were traveling, it was far along in the process.” Kirpa told the Bachelor Nation stars. “Honestly, I don’t even know how it started … she brought up that she had tried DMing him and I think they were supposed to meet and he never…” She trailed off before Ashley revealed the Dean “never follows through with plans.”

Kirpa clarified, “It’s not the fact that she slid into the DMs, I’m sure other people have done that too, but it’s like talking about it that far along when we’re supposed to, like, be in this for Colton … It’s like why are you bringing this up?” She did note that she wasn’t sure if the messaging happened before or during the casting process.

Overall, it really doesn’t matter now but it definitely gives fuel to other cast members, like Katie, who claimed that she wasn’t on the show for the right reasons. However, the beauty queen will be the first to admit that she wasn’t putting all her eggs in Colton’s basket. “I had very low expectations coming into this. I was, like, not excited when they announced him … I wanted Blake or Jason,” she told the Ellen producers. Don’t worry, she assured fans that she told the former football player all of this during taping.

All is fair in love and social media?

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