You guys OK? The Bachelor has taken a very dramatic turn during the last few weeks. After a few eliminated contestants warned Colton Underwood that some of the remaining ladies aren’t ready to be engaged, everyone has been questioning who is there for the right reasons. This week, it was team Kirpa and Tayshia versus team Cassie and Caelynn, and the whole situation ended with an explosive fight between the dental hygienist and blonde frontrunner. Warning: Spoilers about February 18’s episode below. 

“Why would you go spend your time talking to Colton about me?” Cassie says as she confronts Kirpa. “I think he needs to know all the facts,” the 26-year-old strikes back.

The 23-year-old is visibly upset and retorts back, “Know what? A lie?” At this point, Kirpa claims she didn’t lie to the former football player and basically just confirmed what Katie told him when she left. Reports broke on February 11 that the beauty who was sent home last week told Colton that she heard Cassie and Caelynn talking about the possibility of being the next Bachelorette. It’s safe to say this is probably what the ladies are fighting about.

“She’s the one who told him. He says he trusts Katie,” Kirpa explained and added, “You don’t have anything to back it up and it’s so strange.” Cassie defends herself by saying, “You don’t have anything to back it up … it’s so dumb to me because it’s so not true.”

“It’s not dumb. This is not a dumb situation when Colton’s heart is on the line. That’s not OK,” Kirpa snapped back. Cassie stands firm that whatever was said about her isn’t true. After the quiet contestant explained that the season’s leading man asked for her “take” on the situation, Cassie ends the conversation by saying the whole situation “reeks of desperation.”

Tayshia and Colton Underwood one on one date during the bachelor
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It doesn’t help her case that Tayshia brought up the same situation to Colton during their one-on-one date. “So, I’ve heard some girls aren’t in this for possibly the right reasons. Cassie and Caelynn, they’re already talking about, you know, being the next Bachelorette,” the 28-year-old divulged. “They also have said that they don’t really think that they’re going to be ready to get engaged at the end of this,” she added.

Colton looks devastated and admits, “If I get down on one knee and say that I love somebody and that doesn’t get reciprocated, for me, that would be the worst moment of my life.” Yikes.

Good luck!

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