Onto the next! Three people went home during the August 12 episode of Bachelor in Paradise after they tried to find love in Mexico. Since it’s the first week, a lot of the roses were up in the air because the men had all the power. While there were some solid couples, there were also a lot of surprises. In the end, fans said goodbye to Annaliese Puccini, Jane Averbukh and Bibiana Julian.

Bachelor in Paradise first rose ceremony

Annaliese was spotted making out with Chris Bukowski, and the blonde beauty seemed to be smitten. “I feel like I haven’t dated a man like him in a while,” she said. Kristina Schulman approached Chris though and tried to gauge his interest. The Russian beauty obviously made an impact because the Bachelor veteran opted to give her his coveted rose.

Demi Burnett and Derek Peth, Cam Ayala and Caelynn Miller-Keyes and John Paul Jones and Onyeka Ehie all seemed like they were in a good spot … and the roses followed suit.

Bibiana confided in bartender Wells Adams and couldn’t help but let some tears out. Bibs felt rejected by all of the men on the tropical hot spot and felt like she wasn’t making any connections. She hasn’t had a super successful run on Paradise, but we’re holding out hope for the Miami babe.

Hannah Godwin and Wills Reid shared a smooch, but ultimately, the blonde beauty told Dylan Barbour that she was very into him. But there was one obstacle: Blake Horstmann stole Hannah away — minutes before the rose ceremony started.

“Hopefully, I get to kiss her tonight,” he admitted in his confessional. Then, the two sat down and chatted. “I am not waiting around,” she said. “I made some mistakes along the way, I know that, and you are the reason I am here.” Hannah explained that she hasn’t closed the door on Blake just yet. Then, the two shared a sweet smooch.

Hannah wanted to be honest with Dylan, though, and she told him about the kiss. “I just know how I feel about things,” she said. Naturally, Dylan wasn’t happy with the situation. “I just feel like I look so dumb sometimes,” he said.

Hannah Godwin Bachelor in Paradise first rose ceremony

During the first rose ceremony, Blake gave his rose to Tayshia and Dylan was able to give his to Hannah. However, it doesn’t seem like any relationship is safe right now.

As for Annaliese, Jane and Bibiana: There’s always next year, guys!