When it comes to her personal relationships, Hannah Brown doesn’t mind putting her business out there. However, in regard to her friends Demi Lovato and Mike Johnson’s love lives, the former Bachelorette, 25, believes in keeping a tight lip.

When asked what she thinks of Demi, 26, dating the 31-year-old former contestant, Hannah didn’t spill any major tea. Instead, she stated her reason for not doing so is because of the great bond she has with each of them. “I am friends with Mike and I am friends with Demi and I have … whatever they choose to do, that is their thing,” she told Life & Style and other reporters on September 30.

Because the blonde beauty is in the public eye herself, she understands why some things are better kept low-key. “Look, I am used to people, people having opinions about if I have a relationship or if I don’t and so I do not talk where I don’t need to, so really just excited for her future,” she added.

The singer and the reality star have formed the best kind of friendship. They’re basically each other’s cheerleaders. Demi attended the Dancing with the Stars taping on September 30 to support Hannah, who is currently competing on the show. In return, Hannah can’t help but gush about what a good pal the “Tell Me You Love Me” crooner is. “She’s so great. I’m just really thankful for her support through everything,” she continued. Hannah revealed that Demi is the kind of person who can “come over and just hang out because that’s what I need right now” and vice versa. How sweet!

Bachelorette contestant Mike Demi Lovato Instagram
Courtesy of Demi Lovato Instagram

Hannah rose to fame when she starred on The Bachelorette and exposed her personal life on TV. And while that can be a challenge to adjust to, she said that the Disney alum helps her because she’s been in her shoes for much longer. “[She] is supportive of and understanding of what like this new life has been and she knows it on a much bigger level than I do,” Hannah confessed.

While Demi is focused on her career and friends, she still makes time for her love life. And just because Hannah didn’t want to spill any deets on her friends dating each other, doesn’t mean Mike did the same. The handsome hunk exclusively told Life & Style on September 20 that he and Demi are simply “people trying to get to know each other. That’s all.” We can’t wait to see where it goes!