Sometimes, you just know — especially if it freaks you out a little bit. Model Emily Ratajkowski revealed to pal and pregnant model Ashley Graham how she knew her husband of almost two years, Sebastian Bear-McClard, was the one for her on Ash’s podcast, Pretty Big Deal. Believe it or not, her reason might actually surprise you … but it makes a lot of sense.

“Because I love him so much and he scares me a lot, which I think is also a way that you know,” she explained on November 19. “Because if you’re scared of someone and also love them, that means the love is real big because you’re putting away your own fears to be with someone. And we just knew. There was sort of a moment of, ‘We’re gonna make a family,’ just us two, I’m not talking about kids. A partnership.”


Interestingly enough, EmRata wasn’t always the marriage type … but something definitely changed in her. “And that moment of saying those vows — I have issues with marriage in general and was never somebody who was like, ‘I’m definitely getting married,’ I didn’t feel that way. But now I get it, because it’s this promise that does feel more concrete then when you’re not [married],” she said. “There’s this level of commitment, a deal you’ve made that’s just really powerful. And beautiful. It’s there and you work for it and it’s fun and it’s hard. It’s just living, man.”

The happily married actress, 28, also dished on some details from her quiet and private courthouse wedding in NYC back in February 2018, revealing that despite the public being shocked by it, it was “very my own thing.”

“I don’t know, it was very nice. When people talk about weddings, like I have so many friends who have gotten married and whatever, they’re like, I’m so stressed, how am I gonna, you know, see everyone and after the wedding they’re like, ‘It was cool, right? I didn’t have fun,'” she divulged. “So what was nice about City Hall was it was just for us, it was with our close friends. I put on a Zara suit and a funny hat I had custom made and we just went down there and it was a real private moment for us. And no one found out about it until the afternoon when I got a call from my publicist being like, ‘Hello?'” LOL, slick move, Em.

“It was really nice, those four or five hours were just for us … It was nice. Marriage is awesome.” She even raved about ~third-wheeling it~ with Ash and her hubby of nine years, Justin Ervin. “I hope we can do double dates,” Ashley, 32, gushed. Hey, can we get an invite, or …?