That’s what friends are for! Although Emily Ratajkowski isn’t pregnant at the moment, Ashley Graham shared some candid details about what she can expect ~one day~ if she decides to have a family of her own. The models sat down together for Ashley’s YouTube show and podcast, Pretty Big Deal, and dished on everything from (dog) motherhood to marriage.

“I’m so curious, how is that journey?” Emily, 29, asked the 32-year-old about what it’s like expecting her first child. Considering she’s always extremely open and honest, Ashley divulged the real nitty gritty details about her pregnancy.

Emily Ratajskowski Holding Ashley Graham's Baby Bump
Courtesy of @emrata/Instagram

“You’re going to be fine because you’re so little,” the Sports Illustrated babe began. Emily and her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, recently adopted a precious fur baby named Colombo together. Although she did not say what her timeline to become more than a dog mom is, it’s something that the Inamorata designer thinks about. She credited her activism partly to thinking about a time when she might “become a mother, especially to a daughter.”

However, she admitted to Ashley that the idea of being pregnant does “scare” her a bit. “You’ll just have this little baby bump that pops out,” the brunette beauty hypothesized about her pal. “Or, maybe I’ll just …” Emily nervously said while gesturing that she’d get even bigger.

Ashley joked that it may be an awesome change in her hubby’s eyes. “Maybe Sebastian will be into it. He’ll be like, ‘Yeah, my thick chick, baby!'” she hilariously said. “I’m not mad about it,” Emily assured. “I’m more, like, it’s probably pretty crazy to have a little baby inside you growing, right?”

Ashley Graham Gives Emily Ratajkowski Pregnancy Advice on Pretty Big Deal Podcast

The podcast host had a very specific moment from her pregnancy journey that stood out the most. “When you feel the baby kick for the first time, then you’re like, ‘Oh, it’s real.'” Ashley noted. “For me, that’s when it clicked.”

Ashley and Emily have a lot in common through their modeling experience, and the mama-to-be shared some insight into what the swimsuit designer may relate to one day.

“My experience has been that there’s somebody taking over my body,” Ashley began. “And, I’ve always had full control over my body. You know, as a model, we have had people try to create agency over who we are and we have always taken the reins back. You and I, specifically. But now, there’s this creature inside of me who is like, ‘Nuh-uh. I get first dibs.'” The plus-sized model also confessed, “It’s a little bit of a mindf—k.”

“No one has talked to me about this stuff, really, and no one talks openly,” Emily explained while mentioning how awesome Amy Schumer is about being a real online. “I just want to hear, like, woman to woman, like, what is that like.”

It looks like EmRata has a true friend to prepare her for life’s biggest milestones!