Hello, summer! We mean, uh, winter, actually — we’re getting our seasons mixed up because Emily Ratajkowski is on vacation in the Maldives. Needless to say, it still looks like the heat of summer over on the South Asian island … as well as on the 28-year-old’s Instagram Stories, where she posted a sexy bikini selfie on November 24.

The brunette beauty showed off her totally toned figure in the mirror, as well as her cute bikini, while at her hotel during her vacation. The sexy suit seemed to be designed by no other than Inamorata, the model’s own basics and swimwear brand.

Emily Ratajkowski in a Bikini in the Maldives

The actress and her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, have been enjoying their tropical getaway for a few days now and Em has used every opportunity to take photos of their surroundings, as well as her man, 32.

“I apologize in advance for the absurd amount of content that’s going to come from this heavenly place,” she captioned a photo posted to her feed of herself standing on the edge of an infinity pool with her ~assets~ on display. She even added the hashtag “#liveunforgettable.”

It’s no surprise to see the happily married couple take a sweet trip together. Emily recently divulged to fellow model and close pal Ashley Graham how she knew her connection with the film producer was a special one during an episode of Ash’s podcast Pretty Big Deal.

“Because I love him so much and he scares me a lot, which I think is also a way that you know,” she revealed on the November 19 episode. “Because if you’re scared of someone and also love them, that means the love is real big because you’re putting away your own fears to be with someone. And we just knew. There was sort of a moment of, ‘We’re gonna make a family,’ just us two, I’m not talking about kids. A partnership.”

And believe it or not, she never even planned to get married at all before Sebo. “And that moment of saying those vows — I have issues with marriage in general and was never somebody who was like, ‘I’m definitely getting married,’ I didn’t feel that way. But now I get it, because it’s this promise that does feel more concrete then when you’re not [married],” she said. “There’s this level of commitment, a deal you’ve made that’s just really powerful. And beautiful. It’s there and you work for it and it’s fun and it’s hard. It’s just living, man.”

Just living, indeed. Enjoy your trip, lovebirds!