A powerhouse! Emma Grede is one of the most successful businesswomen in the world — and her staggering net worth proves it! The U.K. native has an estimated net worth of $1 million to $5 million, according to multiple outlets. To find out how Emma makes her money, keep reading. 

Emma Grede is the cofounder and CEO of Good American:

Yes, as in Khloé Kardashian‘s hugely popular clothing brand! “We built Good American to meet a dire need for a fashion brand that’s inclusive in every way and empowers all women,” the former Keeping Up With the Kardashians star told Bustle in October 2021.

Khloé noted that Emma’s “understanding of what it means to be a woman today” is one of the many reasons she was “drawn” towards working with her.

Good American Cofounder and CEO Emma Grede Has an Impressive Net Worth! Find Out How She Makes Money
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“I never set out to create a company that was rooted in principles of diversity. That’s just what happens when a Black woman is at the helm of a company. Decisions are made with this viewpoint that I grew up [with],” Emma explained to Bustle. “The women in my family are super curvy, and I don’t want to count a whole bunch of people out because fashion can’t be bothered or can’t figure it out.”

Emma Grede is a founding partner of Skims:

Not only is Emma a founding partner of Kim Kardashian‘s clothing brand, Skims, but she’s also the board director. Of course, working for two major companies is no easy feat, but Emma is a pro at multitasking and being assertive.

“I am very, very good at prioritizing and I say no to a lot of stuff,” the mother of two, who shares son Grey and daughter Lola with husband Jens Grede, told Glamour U.K. in June 2021. “If I think if something’s not getting me closer to a goal, I just say no to it and that’s where I have to be ruthless!”

Emma Grede is a cofounder of Safely:

In partnership with Kris Jenner, the two moguls came together to release a line of plant-powered cleaning products in March 2021.

Emma Grede is making history on Shark Tank

Emma is set to appear on the season 13 premiere of Shark Tank on Friday, October 15. Her guest appearance will mark the first time that the hit ABC series will have a Black woman as an investor.

“It’s much more about supporting women, Black women, founders of color,” Emma told ABC News. “We all know the stats. The investment and the fundraising are low on the ground for certain groups, especially women. And so, for me, that was really my focus.”