The HBO show Euphoria is the hit of the summer. From the gritty plotline to the mega-talented cast, it’s definitely a game-changing show. For any beauty lover, the bold colors and daring makeup looks in the series are equally obsess-worthy and Life & Style exclusively picked up some pointers for you to achieve the same stunning results at home.

The stars of Euphoria have been inspiring tons of people to rock looks inspired by Lexi, Jules and the whole crew. According to NYX celebrity makeup artist Christiana Cassell, the trick is to have “soft and glowy skin contrasting against a statement eye.”

Go Bold

Chloe and Halle Teen Choice Awards Makeup
Chloe x Halle Courtesy of NYX Professional Makeup

Step out of your comfort zone with eyeliner in an unexpected color. R&B duo Chloe and Halle Bailey gave neon green and electric blue a try during the 2019 Teen Choice Awards. Find a color that makes you feel like a true badass and you’ll never look back.

Don’t Stop There

Eyeliner packs a punch, but Christiana suggests taking it one step further with bright eye shadows. Make the look your own by playing around with either matte or sparkly shades.

Euphoria Makeup
Eddy Chen/HBO

Think Out of the Box

Keep the focus on your gorgeous eyes by experimenting with colored eyebrows. Brows are having a moment, so why not play them up even more? Choose a tone that complements your shadow for a fun flair. Pink, mint and purple hues are absolutely gorgeous.

Let That Skin Stand Out

Chloe x Halle NYX makeup Teen Choice Awards
NYX Professional Makeup

First, start with a satin-finish foundation to create a smooth, even-toned base. Christiana also advised using bronzer to “make the skin very soft and keep the eyes as the focus.” Add a radiant touch by applying blush with a super creamy formula. A little shimmer will create that glowy finish on the apples of your cheeks.

Finish It Simply

You spent all that time on your peepers so there’s no need to overthink the rest of the look. Opt for a nude lip to pull it all together. Use your favorite neutral and let your colorful eye makeup stand on its own.

Euphoria has been greenlit for season 2 which means there’s a lot more craziness coming our way!