Shoutout to Apple for giving the people what they want! (Finally). The company revealed this morning that the new iOS 12 will have a group FaceTime feature, which means you can finally get rid of those pesky group chats and settle your Sunday brunch plans face-to-face. Can I get a hell yas?!

The company announced the news at its WWDC gathering and stated that the feature will allow up to 32 people — yes, 32 — to easily travel between a group chat and group FaceTime. In other words, now you can all shout over each other instead of texting! That doesn’t sound stressful at all! So v fun!

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This could be a real game changer, though — especially for families and friends who live throughout the country and all over the world. In fact, Twitter is already buzzing about the feature, which will be available in September. “Finally Apple introduces group FaceTime lol,” one person wrote. Another added, “Group FaceTime is gonna be lit.” Others, however, were wondering where they’re going to get 31 friends from! “Who the f–k has 30 ppl to add to a f–kin FaceTime????” someone tweeted. LOL. But seriously, though… #AskingForAFriend. Er, many friends.

Not to mention, some were angry it took so long for Apple to make it happen, considering FaceTime has been around for years. “God, it’s been how many years since FaceTime and we JUST NOW get it?!” one angry Tweeter said. A second chimed in, “It took Snapchat to do it first for Apple to give us group FaceTime. Smh, they ain’t s–t.”

The feature, which is seemingly inspired by the app Houseparty and the Snapchat group call feature, will show the participant’s faces in tiles. When someone begins to speak, their tile will get larger. Oh, and there will also be filters. What a time to be alive, huh?