Even though Marco Morante has designed for Britney Spears, Katy Perry and Fergie — just to name a few — he knows what celebrity he wants to collaborate with again. “I’ve worked a little with Janelle Monáe in the past and think she is so next level,” the 40-year-old tells Life & Style exclusively. “I would love to do more with her.”

Naturally, the fashion mogul — who is also known for his designer underwear — “gets a little rush” when an A-lister wears his designs. “Growing up, I loved the exciting images that accompanied my favorite artists,” he shares. “Getting to be a small part of that process is a dream come true.”

Marco Morante on Next in Fashion
Courtesy of Netflix

As for how Marco gets inspired when creating clothes for a public figure, he reveals it differs from person to person. “Sometimes, they know exactly what they want. Sometimes, it’s less specific, but I try and get as much input as I can from the artist or their stylist,” he says. “Then, I create illustrations and try to come up with the best fabrications for a concept.”

Marco’s résumé is quite impressive, and he reveals what his meetings were like with the “Piece of Me” singer, 38. “Britney was always so friendly and sweet!” he gushes. “Working with her on her Vegas residency was a great experience. It was very collaborative. Once we moved into the hotel in Vegas, I met with her and her creative team almost every day to go over specifics and to have multiple fittings. Britney definitely knows what she wants, which is great for me, because I had a lot of insight into her point of view.”

Meanwhile, Marco also worked with Katy, 35, and her stylist, Johnny Wujek, to create some looks that will be forever be ingrained in people’s minds. “Johnny and I have known each other for almost a decade now, and we have always had an amazing time working together,” he says. “I absolutely love all of his ideas, and he has become a great friend to me over the years. While working with them, I created her cupcake bra, as well as many Grammy and AMA performance looks for songs including ‘Firework,’ ‘Peacock’ and ‘California Gurls.’”

“One thing I can say that is super important to both of them is making sure things fit perfectly and being able to really perform without the costume getting in the way,” he continues. “And of course, they both love to sparkle! I really got the opportunity to make some iconic creations that are major moments in pop music history.”

Katy Perry Wearing a Cupcake Bra

These days, Marco is embarking on a new adventure as he is starring on the new Netflix series Next in Fashion. “I had so much fun in the challenges and made some amazing new friends,” he admits. “I think my favorite part was getting the opportunity to really push myself and try to take a fresh look at myself as an artist and find new avenues to explore and improve upon.”

We can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!