You may think that continuous re-watches over the past decade or two have made you a bonafide Friends trivia expert. Heck, some of us are more invested in Ross and Rachel than our own personal relationships. But when you take two Friends superfans and throw really tricky questions their way, things get seriously brutal. And as lovers of great entertainment, that’s exactly what we did: we had two of our office’s leading Friends experts battle it out and things went from zero to Monica real fast. Watch our video above to see what happens when things stop getting friendly

Think you could still outmatch our editors with your knowledge of the sitcom? You may have a good argument if you…

Can visualize Ross’ college-aged girlfriend (from the aptly named “The One Where Ross Dates a Student” and more) in your head.

ross girlfriend friends

Here’s a hint: she was Bruce Willis’ character’s daughter, who at the time was dating Rachel. Yick.

Know the exact fake address Chandler gave Janice when he said he was moving to Yemen.

janice and chandler

And if memory serves, his dedication to that rouse was a little more trouble than it was worth.

Know exactly what the giant poking device was made out of.

friends poking device

Hey, they needed some way to tell if the Ugly Naked Guy was dead.

If you can swing that, then you may be up to the challenge.

friends trivia

So feel free to play along. But if you want to see two girls stress out over what Emily’s last name is, that works too. Watch our video above to see our Friendsperts put their knowledge to the test.