Well, this is shocking!

Remember when Wonder Woman came out and everyone cheered for a new feminists film kids could look up to? Well, there was a hugely un-feminist flaw in the making of it: Gal Gadot was majorly underpaid for her role.

In case you haven’t heard of Gal — she’s the lead of huge DC Universe movie Wonder Woman, which has been hailed as not only one of DC’s best films but also broke box-office records.

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But, of course, not even Wonder Woman is immune to the inequality of the real world, as she was reportedly paid a crazily low salary of $298,000.

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Now we know what you’re thinking, $298,000 is huge amount of money, but this is way lower than the norm for the lead of a major box office movie. Plus, when you compare it to Henry Cavill‘s salary as Superman in Man of Steel, where he reportedly earned $13 million, it’s embarrassingly crap.

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So, what the hell happened? Did Gal’s movie just make a lot less at the box office?

Nope. Wonder Woman has generated $573.5 million worldwide so far (it’s still in cinemas) while Man of Steel generated $668 million worldwide in total.

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Obviously, $95 million is a lot of money, but once we’re in these figures it’s really not that huge of a difference, especially when Wonder Woman is still set to make more as it stays in theaters.

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