In the upcoming episode of Game of Throne, Jon Snow and his merry band of misfits set out to confront the Night King and his army of White Walkers. But will he encounter his fallen friend Wun Wun during his excursion beyond the Wall?

Viewers of the HBO series were heartbroken when the friendly giant was killed by an arrow to the eye, courtesy of Ramsay Bolton, last season. During this summer’s premiere, fans were convinced they spotted Wun Wun marching alongside the White Walkers heading toward the North.

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GoT definitely did their best to fuel this speculation, from the giant White Walker’s damaged eye to crediting the actor who plays Wun Wun, Ian Whyte, at the end of the episode. However, most fans are convinced that is just another giant, not related to Wun Wu — and it all has to do with logistics.

“Wun Wun died in Winterfell. Do we really think that Jon Snow would take the body north of the wall and then dump it to become a walker? He knows better than anyone that bodies need to be burned or they become part of the WW army,” one Reddit user pointed out.

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It would be incredibly stupid for Jon to not burn the dead bodies following the Battle of the Bastards, especially since he has seen the Night King resurrect corpses. Plus, it is highly unlikely Wun Wun’s body was carried back across the Wall following his death without anyone noticing.

We aren’t completely disagreeing with the theory, because crazier things have happened in George R.R. Martin’s world, but when it comes to White Walkers, there is one person we definitely don’t want to see marching with the Night King.

“Wun Wun is a white walker now?! Yo if Hodor is one too I will sue HBO,” one fan tweeted. And we couldn’t agree more. Tune into Game of Thrones on Sunday night at 9 p.m. on HBO.