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Changing Things Up! Gigi Hadid’s Hair Transformation Goes From Blonde to Even Blonder: Photos

A new look! Gigi Hadid has no problem changing up her hair — whether it be on the runway or in real life.

“Being on the beach all the time gave me my original highlights, but I get some balayage highlights on top so then when it grows out you can’t tell it’s been colored,” the model explained to Into the Gloss in 2014. “It’s definitely L.A. balayage. It’s a low-maintenance way to be blonde — way easier than having to go to the salon all the time. I only go every six months or so.”

Before becoming a household, Gigi made her debut alongside her mom, Yolanda Hadid, on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as a hopeful teen with modeling dreams in her future.

“I’m not allowed to do anything with my hair. My goal is to keep it healthy,” she told W Magazine during a 2017 interview, sharing her biggest hair care secret. “When I have time off, I do coconut oil in my hair and I just put it in a bun and don’t wash it. You can shower, obviously. But just keep your hair in a bun for like three days, keep the coconut oil in and just keep it up, and then at the end when you wash it all out — when you wash it, do shampoo first, then rinse, then shampoo again, because if you do water first then the shampoo doesn’t go in and your hair is still oily.”

As she started making waves on the runway, her subtle hair changes came shortly after. The blonde beauty fans were used to seeing on Bravo started changing things up as she became the face of some major high-fashion campaigns.

However, one of her biggest hair changes came after Gigi watched a particular Netflix show.

“She is dedicated to everyone responsible for The Queen’s Gambit,” the model wrote via Instagram Stories in March 2021 while giving a first look at her red hair. After keeping that color for a year, she went back to blonde in 2022 and this time, her long locks were platinum.

“Gigi is like a dark blonde, so it happens with a little bit more ease,” Gigi’s longtime hair colorist Keith Shore told E! News in March 2022. “It’s a bleaching process, and it’s very layered and a bit of a complicated thing. Because of bleaching hair, you can’t overlap bleach on top of bleached hair really, or it will break.”

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