All natural mama! Gigi Hadid denied plastic surgery rumors and claimed she has “never done anything” to her face, just four months after giving birth to her first child, daughter Khai, whom she shares with boyfriend Zayn Malik.

“When I look back on my first red carpets, when I didn’t have makeup artists, I would obviously do my own makeup,” the 25-year-old revealed during a Vogue video about her skincare and makeup routine published on Thursday, February 4. “Now people pull up those pictures and are like, ‘Oh, Gigi’s nose looks different in these pictures than now,’ or they’ll talk about something on my face and say, ‘That’s changed on Gigi,’ and it’s really, like, that’s the power of makeup.”

The supermodel went on to explain that developing her makeup skills allowed her to change the shape of some of her features over the years. “I’ve never done anything to my face, but the way that I’ve learned to contour in certain places, put bronzer in some places and leave it out in other places is something you have to learn,” Gigi noted. “I would just put [bronzer] everywhere and then [your face is] all one shape.”

The Los Angeles native, who was a bit of a tomboy and known for her volleyball skills in her teens, also revealed she didn’t get into makeup until she became a public figure. “In high school, I wasn’t really a huge makeup person,” she said. “The more I got photographed, the more I learned what looked good on me.” She added, “I’m gonna teach my high school self what she should’ve done.”

Considering the former face of Guess was recently pregnant, it would have been impossible for her to have undergone any procedures or received injectables for at least nine months.

The former One Direction singer, 28, revealed the birth of their daughter in September 2020. “To try put into words how I am feeling right now would be an impossible task,” Zayn wrote via Instagram and Twitter at the time. “The love I feel for this tiny human is beyond my understanding. Grateful to know her, proud to call her mine [and] thankful for the life we will have together.”

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Gigi and Zayn’s first few months as parents have been “better than they could’ve imagined,” an insider exclusively told Life & Style in early October. “Gigi and Zayn were so excited for this baby, and now that she’s finally here, it’s been amazing.” The A-listers are “taking it all in,” a second source added. “Their life is usually nonstop and now that they have nowhere to go, it’s been nice to just lounge by the fire pit or watch movies when the baby is sleeping.”