Next time someone tells you true love doesn’t exist, please show them this video. On February 6, Hailey Baldwin sat down with James Corden for a little game of “Spill Your Guts.” The talk show host, 40, showed the supermodel, 22, three pictures of her husband, Justin Bieber, rocking various (read: ridiculous) hairstyles over the years. James casually asked Hailey to rank them and let’s just say … things escalated quickly. Check out the clip above to see what went down.

OK, before we discuss the fact that Mrs. Bieber is sweet baby angel, can we please figure out WTF pig flesh meat jelly is? According to a ~basic~ Google search, the dish is actually called Aspic and it’s, er, exactly as described — pork solidified in a cube of gelatin and meat stock. *Pauses to suppress gag reflex.*

Anyway, we definitely have to give it up to Hailey for protecting her boo’s feelings. After all, it’s safe to say that Justin, 24, is sensitive when it comes to his ever-changing ‘do. For example, he most likely wants to forget the fact that he was a white man with dreadlocks in 2016. To be frank, we know we want to forget about it. 

Justin Bieber on stage with dreadlocks during his 2016 world tour
Getty Images

Because we’re not mean-spirited, however, we do want to clarify that Justin has also had some uh-mazing hair looks in the past. Case in point: His 2017 faux-hawk paired with a bandana definitely made us want to “belieb.”

Justin Bieber with a faux hawk in 2017
Kevin Mazur/Hand in Hand/Getty Images

All jokes aside, it’s clear that Hailey and Justin have a special, nurturing marriage and we’re happy that they’re together! So long as Hails makes sure to book all of her man’s hair appointments until death do them part, things will be smooth sailing.

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