It’s been a whirlwind few months for Justin Beiber and Hailey Baldwin as they navigate through their first year of marriage. The two are working hard, going to couples therapy and putting an emphasis on communication to build their relationship. However, they are definitely very different people and the singer wishes his new wife would take some of the pressure off herself because they’re still young and should be having a good time. Watch the video above to see what he revealed and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

It’s not to say that the 22-year-old model doesn’t want to loosen up, but she’s invested in fostering their budding marriage. “It’s just that I’m fighting to do this the right way, to build a healthy relationship. I want people to know that. We’re coming from a really genuine place,” the blonde beauty explained.

They’re both very aware that they’re in the early stages of adulthood to make such a big commitment, but they’re willing to put the effort in. “But we’re two young people who are learning as we go. I’m not going to sit here and lie and say it’s all a magical fantasy. It’s always going to be hard. It’s a choice.”

Justin Bieber Hailey Baldwin kissing
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“You don’t feel it every single day. You don’t wake up every day saying,’‘I’m absolutely so in love and you are perfect.’ That’s not what being married is. But there’s something beautiful about it anyway — about wanting to fight for something, commit to building with someone.”

Although marriage is very different than how it’s portrayed in a romantic comedy, when it comes down to it, the two stars are endgame. “We’re really young, and that’s a scary aspect. We’re going to change a lot. But we’re committed to growing together and supporting each other in those changes. That’s how I look at it. At the end of the day, too, he’s my best friend. I never get sick of him.” Aw, you guys!

We’re rooting for these two.

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