While kids might still get excited about Halloween candy, we care more about the cocktails — particularly if they’re made with vodka. After all, it’s the “purest” of the alcohols and has the fewest calories. And if you happen to have one bottle on hand (and let’s be honest, you do) you can easily whip up wicked cocktails that are both delicious and creative in a pinch. Watch the video below to learn how to make three cocktails that’ll impress all your friends at your Halloween party.

See? We told you they were easy to make. However, if you want a more in-depth explanation of making these drinks, check out our step-by-step instructions below that explain the whole process of creating these scrumptious cocktails.

Spiked Candy Apple

spiked apple vodka

Mmm, Halloween is all about Fall flavors, like apples and cinnamon, and this cocktail is an explosion of both. There are actually two ways to make this cocktail, but we’ll start off with the easier version first. Here’s what you need: A bottle of apple juice, a bottle of sparkling cider, cinnamon sticks, whip cream, and candy corn (for garnishing). In a cup or mason jar, add your apple juice, sparkling cider, cinnamon stick, and a shot of vodka. Top the whole thing off with whip cream and then drizzle some candy corn on top. Done.

If you want a stronger flavor, here’s the “longer version.” Combine the cider, apple juice, and cinnamon stick in a pot and boil them. As it’s boiling, add about half a cup of sugar and then wait for it to cool off. Once the juice is about room temperature, add your vodka, whipped cream, and candy corn. Beware! The flavors will be so intense, you won’t taste the vodka. Drink with caution.

Black Cat Spritzer

black cat cocktail

As if a black vodka wasn’t spooky enough, this cocktail then ups the cute facor with adorable apple cat ears. It’s almost too precious-looking to drink (but of course we’re going to drink it anyway). Making it is easy. All you need is ginger ale, black food coloring, an apple, chocolate, and a bottle of vodka, of course. Pour ginger ale into a tall glass and then add about a shot or two of vodka. Then, add your black food coloring.

Next, cut up an apple into two triangular shapes. You’ll also want to cut slits into the center of the triangles so that the apples will sit on top of your glass. While doing all this, melt down some chocolate over the stove. Once you’re done cutting your apples, dip them into the chocolate and then wait for them to dry. When your cat ears are ready, simply slip them on to the rim of your glass. How cute is that?

Bloody Ginger

bloody vodka

Ahh, nothing says Halloween quite like the color red and these bloody cocktails are very bloody. Fortunately for you, they’re mostly made with grenadine syrup and not real blood (because that would be gross). Making them is super easy. All you need is one bottle of vodka, a bottle of grenadine, a bottle of corn syrup, and ginger ale.

In a separate bowl, pour about two tablespoons of corn syrup and mix in about two teaspoons of grenadine. Next, take your cup and dip it into the “bloody” syrup. If it’s looking too runny, simply add more corn syrup. Remember, you want it nice and thick! Wait for it to dry a bit and then fill the glass with ginger ale. Add about a shot of vodka (or more if you’re in the mood) and voilà! You have the perfect Bloody Ginger. If you want to make this extra ginger-y, replace ginger ale with ginger beer. Yummy!