It’s the creepiest time of the year, and if you love Halloween like we do, then you’re trying to celebrate in any way possible! Though you may not be able to wear a full costume to work every day, you can definitely sneak a little spook into your style with some killer nail art. We’ve put together a list of devilishly easy designs from nail gurus Kombucha Witch and Crush 4 Nails that you can’t help but fall for this autumn!

Give this elegant matte spiderweb design a try.

This look is classy while still celebrating the season. Start with a coffin nail shape, and a red base. Then you can use a stencil and silicon nail stamper to add the gold detail. If you’re feeling really brave, you can freehand draw the webs and spiders. Finish off the look with some gold gems and a matte topcoat.

Go holographic with your nails.

If you don’t have the steadiest hand with a brush, this is the look for you! Simply paint your nails with a sparkly black (a matte would look cool, too!) and carefully place some holographic decals on the surface. We’re living for the creepy hands and spooky bats in this tutorial. Don’t forget to go over the design with a swipe of clear polish to hold your decals in place.

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Do a bloody coffin nail design.

This blood-spattered look is simple, but deliciously gory. Star with a coffin nail shape, and a black base. You can use a nail stamper, or again just freehand oozing blood, and then go over the look with a matte topcoat. To add a little more pop, go back over the red part with a bright, shiny red, so it stands out against the matte black background. You can do this design on your whole hand, or include a few all-red accent nails to make it easier.

Try a witchy french tip.

If you’re a fan of the classic Halloween color palette, you’ll go crazy for this style. Start with a solid orange base coat, then place a circular sticker near the tip of your nail and paint the edge with black polish. To add a little more pizzazz to your design, you can use a witch decal or a spooky stencil, like bats or ghosts with black polish. Finish up with a clear coat and you’re good to go!

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Turn your nails into an artistic haunted house.

This may look like Starry Night, but it’s easier than it looks! Simply paint your nails dark blue and add a few drips of white. Use a toothpick to swirl the colors together, creating your night sky. Then use a stamper and a graveyard stencil to transfer black paint onto your nails. Use a pen to add yellow accents, like lights in the windows, and finish off with a top coat.

Celebrate the season with a sparkly leaf manicure.

If you love fall but aren’t crazy about Halloween, you can still join in the fun with this maple leaf pattern. Start with a glittering burnt orange base, then use a silicon nail stamper to place the leaves where you want them. It’s probably a good idea to outline your nail with a latex barrier to make cleanup even easier. Then, simply paint over your work with a clear polish to seal in your gorgeous autumn look!

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Get romantic with this deadly design.

This is going to take a lot of freehand drawing, so attempt it if you dare! Start with a black base and use a tiny brush to paint on a skull design on one nail, and a rose on the other. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it’s supposed to look like a work of art! Just cover with a matte top coat and you’re ready to go!

Get a little cutesy.

Hey, not every Halloween design has to be scary! If you’re a girly-girl that wants something cute, try this purple spider design. Simply paint your nails light purple, and use a silicon stamper to add a darker purple spider. Finish it off with a matte top coat if you prefer a softer look.

Go for a spooky yet girly look.

Dress up a basic spider web design by adding flowers to give your Halloween mani a more feminine vibe. The spiderweb is a simple enough design to hand-paint, and MoYou-London’s 12 stampering plate from the Frenchy collection helps create perfect flowers.

‘Tis the season to get spooky!