A high school in Ireland is going viral after a video of a "ghost" terrorizing the hallways went viral. While we have our fingers crossed this is all just one big Halloween prank, the footage captured by the school's security cameras is creepy AF.

Deerpark C.B.S, which is the oldest in the city of Cork, uploaded the video to their YouTube and Facebook page and it shows an unseen entity destroying the hallways and lockers of some very brave students. We mean, seriously, who would go back to this school after watching this? The incident took place on Oct. 1 at 3 a.m. — and starts off with the ghost opening and closing a door down the hall.

The spirit proceeds to force a set of lockers to rock back and forth, before opening a locker and tossing papers and books onto the floor. But that's not all. The ghost continues to knock a "Caution: Wet Floor" over, and at this point, we are seriously frightened. Watch with the sound ON!

“If it’s a prank, we don’t know how it was done,” headteacher Aaron Wolfe told UNILAD. “Motion sensors were set off at this time — that’s how it was caught.” The principal of the school also believes it could be a real ghost. “People in old buildings are always hearing noises and strange sounds, but this is the first time we’ve actually caught something," he told The Express. "We’d often come across papers strewn about but we were never able to say what it was, we just assumed it was pupils that were doing it.”

However, one commenter on the school's Facebook page claimed the school is using the viral video to increase funding and the geniuses behind the prank were science students who used strings and natural wind. The timing is also perfect as the school hosts the annual haunted house "Fear the Park." Either way, we're impressed.