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Should You Be Spooky, Silly or Seductive for Halloween? Let These A-Listers Guide You

Everyone knows that Halloween attracts two very different types of people: the type who likes to wear sexy Halloween costumes and the type who likes to dress scary or goofy. Well, it turns out that our favorite celebrities are no different. For every sexy nurse costume, there’s one that goes as the scary Joker nurse. And for every innocent black cat costume, there’s someone else dressed in a full lycra bodysuit. And hey, if you’ve got the looks, why not show them off? If you’ve got the access to Hollywood VFX makeup and makeup artists, why not enlist their help?

sexy halloween gallery

Funny or Sexy on Halloween

In a way, Halloween costumes are like the ultimate personality test. And it’s pretty funny — and revealing — to see who comes dressed as what. For example, is it any shock that Courtney Stodden, who revels in her super sexy bod, dressed up in what pretty much amounts to lingerie? Tellingly, Patricia Arquette came in the same character costume — only with a lot less skin on display. And when funny girl Mindy Kaling got all Halloween-ified, she went full mustache. In comparison, Kim Kardashian went the more cleavage route.

funny sexy halloween

All these costumes are seriously awesome — and frankly, we’d be down to rock most of them. But as we learned from Mean Girls, not everyone goes the scary route, because Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can “dress like a total sl-t and no other girls can say anything about it.” Not that there’s anything wrong with dressing promiscuously normally, but Karen’s whole lingerie-plus-animal ears look only seems too real on All Hallows’ Eve. So which should you be this year — sexy or sweet? Risqué or risky? Or are you the rare type of girl who can do both?

Click through the gallery to see Halloween costumes that perfectly illustrate these two types of celebrities — and find inspiration for your own costume.

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