Poor Hannah Brown just can’t catch a break! The blonde beauty stunned the Bachelor contestants and Peter Weber alike when she showed up at the mansion during the premiere on January 6. Unfortunately, it ended up being an emotional rollercoaster for the former Bachelorette.

“I question what I should’ve done … I question a lot,” Hannah tells Peter while tears stream down her face. Sitting beside her, Peter admits he’s not sure what to do. “I thought that I was not confused, but now I don’t know,” he says, clearly emotional as well. “What the f–k am I doing right now?”

In his confessional, Peter reveals his feelings for Hannah are definitely still alive and well. “I can’t help how my heart feels,” he says. “I look at her, and I just don’t want to stop looking at her. And I want to just kiss her.”

Fans have long wondered if there was still unfinished business between Hannah and Peter after she sent him home on Bachelorette. Fans were confused because not only did Hannah love Peter’s family, but they made love a whopping four times on their windmill date. They seemed to have amazing chemistry, even when Peter showed up on After the Final Rose following Hannah’s split from winner Jed Wyatt.

“I don’t think you can completely fall out of love for someone … I know time will heal all wounds, [but], like I said, a little piece of my heart will always love her,” Peter admitted before coming face-to-face with his former flame on the after show. “I knew I was going to hurt you but I was also getting hurt, too,” Hannah explained to her second runner-up. “Because I was falling in love with you and that didn’t just go away when I said bye. It’s been really hard to watch everything … everything we had was real. … You don’t know if you’re making the right decision and I was scared I was letting go of the perfect guy.”

Since then, it seemed the two moved on. Hannah slayed her time on Dancing with the Stars, and even sparked dating rumors with her partner Alan Bersten. For his part, Peter thought he was completely ready to move on — until he saw her get out of the limo on night 1. “She starts coming out of the limo, I realize who it is [and] jaw-drop, wasn’t expecting it at all,” he admitted to Access Hollywood. “Before she came, before that first night, in my mind, I was over Hannah. I wouldn’t have taken this opportunity to be the Bachelor if I wasn’t because that was going to do a disservice to me and all the women. After I saw her that first night, I may have questioned if I was completely over her.”

Now we just have to wait and see what happens, but if Peter’s confusion and Hannah’s flood of emotions mean anything, we don’t think that’s the last we’ll see of this relationship.