Picking up a vibe? Bachelorette star Hannah Brown sent Peter Weber home during the rose ceremony on July 29’s part-one finale episode and it was heartbreaking. Ultimately, Jed Wyatt proposed to the blonde beauty, and Tyler Cameron was sent home. Shortly after, the engaged couple broke up, and fans couldn’t help but notice some serious chemistry between the exes during After the Final Rose.

“I’m sorry, but Peter and Hannah are meant to be!” one fan wrote after seeing Hannah and Peter reunite for the first time since their split on the show. “Windmills are magical apparently,” someone else quipped while someone else echoed, “Peter is the dream guy.”

The Bachelorette Peter After the Final Rose

It was obvious that the former couple still has a lot of admiration for each other as they sat down with Chris Harrison. “I don’t think you can completely fall out of love for someone … I know time will heal all wounds, [but], like I said, a little piece of my heart will always love her,” Peter divulged before coming face-to-face with Hannah.

It had been two months since they last saw each other, but it seems like their chemistry picked right back up.

“There wasn’t anything wrong and I know that’s probably hard to hear because I wish I could give you a clear, concrete answer. But, I truly thought you’d be meeting my family,” Hannah admitted when the hunky contestant asked for closure on their relationship. “I woke up that morning, honestly, it was that morning, and had to follow my heart. It was really hard for me, too.”

Bachelorette Peter Weber and Hannah Brown After the Final Rose

Peter simply responded, “That’s all I could ever ask of you … Obviously, I wish it was a different result in that moment but I respect that.”

Hannah and the pilot had a very emotional goodbye, and the leading lady gave a little insight into how she felt during that tough moment. “I knew I was going to hurt you but I was also getting hurt, too,” she confessed. “Because I was falling in love with you and that didn’t just go away when I said bye. It’s been really hard to watch everything … everything we had was real. … You don’t know if you’re making the right decision and I was scared I was letting go of the perfect guy.”

Months later, Peter was announced as the next Bachelor while Hannah performed on Dancing With the Stars. But fans were shocked when the Alabama native was featured in the premiere for the new season. “She starts coming out of the limo, I realize who it is [and] jaw-drop,” he told Access Hollywood on January 2.

Now, people think there’s a good reason as to why Hannah decided to go on the ABC show. “My prediction: Hannah B. shows up at the final rose ceremony wanting Peter back. Peter dumps the final 2 to date Hannah. Peter will propose to her on AFR,” one fan tweeted, while a second echoed, “I’m gonna go with Hannah B. somehow making her way into the finale and he gets back together with her.”

Time will tell what happens between these two!