Spill the tea! Peter Weber confessed that he was over ex Hannah Brown … until she came on The Bachelor. Fans were shocked when teasers for season 24 not only showed the former Bachelorette star stepping out of the limo on night one but also having an intimate conversation with the pilot where he seemingly asks her to join the cast. For the record, Peter confirmed that he did not ask production to bring the Alabama beauty on the show, but that doesn’t mean he was any less confused once she arrived.

“Before she came, before that first night, in my mind, I was over Hannah,” the 28-year-old told Access Hollywood on January 2. “I wouldn’t have taken this opportunity if I wasn’t. … After I saw her that first night, I may have questioned if I was over her.” Peter came in third place on Hannah’s season and was sent home after overnight dates in lieu of Jed Wyatt and Tyler Cameron. The California native is probably best remembered for his insane chemistry with the leading lady and her steamy sex confession that they did the deed a whopping four times in the (windmill shaped) fantasy suite.

HANNAH BROWN, PETER WEBER on The Bachelor Together
ABC/John Fleenor

“I think the most important thing for everyone to kind of realize watching this is everyone saw our relationship on The Bachelorette. That was a really real relationship for the both of us [with] true feelings,” the Bachelor Nation stud added. “We both really really care from each other from that relationship. Everything you’re gonna see is true and it’s raw and it’s from the heart.”

Although their reunion will be genuine, the California native confessed that he was just as shocked as the rest of us upon Hannah’s arrival. “She starts coming out of the limo, I realize who it is [and] jaw-drop,” he added.

It’s obvious that Peter and Hannah have unfinished business, even show host Chris Harrison agreed. “I think it’s something that needed to be dealt with, the relationship. I think it’s a relationship that didn’t have a clean, clear break. I think , and some underlying feelings that maybe they thought they had both dealt with,” Chris admitted to on December 16. “I knew once they saw each other, they probably hadn’t really dealt with them all, so I think it’s a hurdle that we needed to clear before we moved forward.”

Time will tell!