Anything for love? A new trailer released on November 25 showed Peter Weber asking Hannah Brown to seemingly rejoin the cast of The Bachelor. Fans are freaking out because it looks like the Alabama beauty and her ex are going to give their relationship another chance. But, as we know, things aren’t always as they seem.

“I’m so confused right now. What are you doing here?” the 28-year-old can be heard saying after a separate contestant ominously asks, “What could possibly go wrong?” Then, Hannah, 25, and the pilot are sitting on the couch together and look to be having a very intimate conversation.

Peter Weber and Hannah Brown Romantic Moment on The Bachelor Trailer

“Making decisions for my heart … because I know that there’s still something there and I would do anything for a relationship,” the former beauty queen says to Peter who simply responds, “Hannah Brown!” At this point, it could be argued that she is simply giving him advice that she learned during her run on The Bachelorette, but things take a romantic turn.

The newly minted leading man is rubbing her back as their faces get extremely close — almost to the point of kissing. Then, he drops a total bombshell for viewers. “What I’m about to say is extremely crazy. What would you say if I asked you to come be part of the house?” he coyly asks. We’re sorry … what?!

The entire interaction is extremely surprising, but there’s no denying the pair’s chemistry. The biggest continuity problem is that a teaser released earlier in the day on November 25 showed Hannah stepping out of the limo on night one. She was wearing a gorgeous red gown that seemingly made Peter’s jaw literally drop. In the longer trailer where he asks her to join the cast, she’s wearing a sparkly cocktail dress. Does this mean she appears twice on the season?

Hannah B. Gets Out of the Limo During Peter Weber's Season
ABC/John Fleenor

While Peter’s season was filming, the Bachelor Nation babe was competing on Dancing With the Stars — so it would have been extremely difficult to explore a romance with Peter and also keep up her intense training schedule with partner Alan Bersten. This could mean she either refuses Peter’s offer, somehow was able to do both or the entire clip is just teasing viewers for a bigger storyline.

Do Hannah and Peter have a real (second) shot at love? A source exclusively dished to Life & Style that the chances may be slim. “Once the show was over, there was interest expressed from her, and he just said, ‘I’m not going to be number three!'” the source explained about the reality duo. “Peter was heartbroken when Hannah let him go. Her coming on The Bachelor would reopen a lot of wounds.”

The reality hunk also told  Ellen DeGeneres on September 18 that he was “moving on” from his relationship with Hannah and was “hopeful this is going to work out.”

Time will tell!