Fans have already started shipping Hannah Brown with her Dancing With the Stars partner, Alan Bersten. If the two did cook up a romance, this wouldn’t be the first woman from the show that he’s been romantically linked to. The dancer previously dated Sports Illustrated model Alexis Ren after they fell for each other during season 27, which aired from September to November 2018.

Alexis and Alan heated up during their dance partnership. The Maxim cover girl admitted that she was starting to have feelings for him and they later shared an on-screen kiss that drove fans wild. However, they quickly fizzled out and by December of that same year, she posted a cryptic comment on Instagram that hinted at the two ending their relationship.

“Feelings aren’t black and white and neither is life,” she replied to a follower who asked if she and Alan were “done.” “We’re focused on our careers and growing as individuals. He’s an amazing person and I’m grateful he came into my life. He’s on his own journey and I respect that.” Alexis is doing A-OK these days and has even found herself a new beau. On September 27, Us Weekly reported that she is dating actor Noah Centineo after multiple eyewitnesses saw the pair packing on the PDA.

It doesn’t seem like the two have any saltiness toward each other, but Alan confessed that he’s keeping things 100 percent professional these days. “I haven’t spoken to her in a while,” he confessed to Us Weekly about his ex. “I’m not gonna lie. I’m gonna be honest. No more showmances for me. I’m done!” Never say never, Alan. *Winks obnoxiously.*

ALAN BERSTEN, HANNAH BROWN Dancing With the Stars Premiere Night Cha Cha Dance
ABC/Eric McCandless

Even if he and the former Bachelorette star don’t romantically hit it off this season, it seems like they make a great duo on the dance floor. “He’s really fun and can, like, sometimes make me laugh with his bad jokes but I think a lot. He’s hard on me when he needs to be hard on me, but then also I can be like hey, not right now,” Hannah explained in an interview during the DWTS season 28 premiere on September 16. “I think it’s just I want somebody to push me and he definitely pushes me, but we can also be friends and have fun and be silly and that’s what I need. I need an encourager, but also somebody that will make sure I’m ready for the competition.”

We can’t wait to see how this season unravels.