Fans of Dancing with the Stars were enthralled and invested when social media influencer Alexis Ren and professional dancer Alan Bersten revealed they were dating on the show. Sadly, it sounds like that ship may have sailed, and some fans are now a little suspicious. The finale was less than a month ago, and people are starting to wonder if the very quick split could mean that the whole relationship was faked for ratings. However, a source close to the situation tells Life & Style exclusively that those accusations are nothing short of ridiculous.

“Alan and Alexis think it’s crazy that fans think they were faking their relationship for votes!” said a source close to the dancing duo. “They were always totally honest about their feelings for each other. They are far apart in distance right now and it will be hard with Alan being on tour for the next few months and Alexis traveling for work, but they still talk and text all the time. They plan to always stay a part of each other’s lives.”

After hearing of a potential split, it didn’t take long for some negative fans to start assuming the worst. “Alan and Alexis were obviously kinda fake tho like why are y’all upset… anyone who confesses their feelings on camera on DWTS….forced and fake af, this isn’t The Bachelor don’t be so naive LOL,” said one suspicious fan on Twitter after hearing of the possible split. Another agreed, writing, “People really bought into that Alexis and Alan bulls–t! That was the most clear showmance I’ve EVER seen on #DWTS. Called that fake s–t the moment it started, that s–t was for votes.”

Alexis seemed to admit a breakup to a fan on Instagram last week. When the follower wrote, “Where’s Alan, are you guys done?” Alexis responded, “Feelings aren’t black and white and neither is life. We’re focused on our careers and growing as individuals. He’s an amazing person and I’m grateful he came into my life. He’s on his own journey and I respect that.”

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Alan seemed to confirm the relationship had run it’s course himself in an interview with ET, where he said he and Alexis were “talking,” but “she’s in Japan right now and I’m about to go on tour. The real world sucks.” His co-star Witney Carson pretty much gave it away when she said, “it’s like The Bachelor. It never really quite works after.”

The couple revealed their love in an emotional and raw moment during the Nov. 5 episode this season, in which Alan said he was falling for Alexis and then kissed her. They went on to the big finale, where Bobby Bones and Sharn Burgess ended up winning the title. We think it was their amazing dancing, and not their romance, that kept them around for so long. Hopefully, they’ll have the chance rekindle their romance when their schedules are more open, because we can tell these two care a ton about each other!