Support from afar. Bachelorette star Hannah Brown sent well-wishes to her ex and current Bachelor leading man, Peter Weber, after an accident led him to injure his face during filming. Although she admitted that she wasn’t updated about the status of his condition, she’s hoping for the best while keeping her sights set on the future.

“I’ve heard that I think he’s OK,” the 25-year-old dished during a grouped interview at the Girl Up #GirlHero Awards on October 13. Peter’s mishap was extremely scary — Chris Harrison has since confirmed that he’s “100 percent OK” — but Hannah confessed that she’s ready to take care of herself instead of the men in her life.

HANNAH BROWN, PETER Weber Bachelorette Finale Hannah Sends Well Wishes to Peter
ABC/John Fleenor

“But, I really have been focused on this journey for me. I think that’s really important, too, to know when it’s time to really focus on yourself as a woman,” she continued. “I had for a year where I was focused on finding love — which I think is great — but now I’m going to love on myself and focus on myself. So that’s what I’ve been doing so I wish him well. But right now, I am working my butt off in the ballroom and that is where I’m putting all my energy.”

It’s great to see that the Alabama beauty is looking ahead. Fans have been wondering if she would reappear on The Bachelor to try and rekindle things with her ex, but a source exclusively divulged to Life & Style that the chances of the two getting back together is slim.

“Once the show was over, there was interest expressed from her, and he just said, ‘I’m not going to be number three!'” the insider revealed. “Peter was heartbroken when Hannah let him go. Her coming on The Bachelor would reopen a lot of wounds.”

While the hunky pilot admitted that his feelings for the reality babe were very real, he is also ready to find his soulmate. “I fell in love with her and I’ve been moving on,” he told Ellen DeGeneres during an interview on September 18. “I don’t know if I’ll completely lose all that love in my heart for her and I kind of hope I don’t because that will show me what I had was true and it was real. But, I’m ready to move on and I’m ready to find my girl. And, I’m very hopeful this is going to work out.”

It’s great to see Peter and Hannah moving onward and upward!