No one can mess with Hannah Brown! The 24-year-old spent plenty of time preparing her dance for the October 7 taping of Dancing With the Stars, which involved smashing some bottles that she referred to as her exes.

Hannah was advised by her dance partner, Alan Bersten, to stop smiling during her performances — especially while dancing Paso Doble, which is the dance of the bullfight. The former Bachelorette always has a smile on her face and it’s mainly due to her past experiences competing in beauty pageants. “In the pageant world, I was taught to put on this plastic smile. Even when times are tough, I learned to hide behind a smile,” she said. However, if she wanted to do a good job with the dance, she would have to ditch the smile. To help her achieve this, Alan took Hannah to a rage room, which according to him “is a place where you can smash objects and freely release aggression.”

By the looks of it, taking her to the rage room was helpful because the blonde beauty looked angry while she passionately smashed glass bottles. “These are all my ex-boyfriends!” she said. “In this dance, Hannah Beast is going to come out.”

Hannah Brown on 'DWTS'

Hannah Beast, indeed! After her performance, which received a score of 32/40 from the judges, Hannah told Life & Style and other reporters that she doesn’t “know if there was enough bottles for all of my exes, but, everybody can just pick who they think should be those four bottles.” Oh, snap!

Clearly, Hannah and Alan make a great team. Many fans even think the two are dating but she quickly shut down those rumors when she said they’re just good pals. “We are dance partners and we have the best time together and we have a friendship that is great,” she confessed to Life & Style and other reporters on September 30.

In addition, season 27 winner DWTS Bobby Bones revealed exclusively to Life & Style that there is nothing romantic going on between the duo. “Look, I know Alan. I don’t feel like they’re dating and if you get two single people, you’re just going to assume that they’re together,” he said while promoting his partnership with Dog Chow for the “Service Dog Salute” campaign. “I don’t think they’re dating, but it’s a very intimate thing. You’re so close with that person the whole time so it’ll be interesting to see what happens.”

We excited to see how their friendship evolves!