It’s the beginning of the end for Hannah Brown‘s journey to find love on The Bachelorette. The Alabama beauty was down to three contestants — Jed Wyatt, Peter Weber and Tyler Cameron — but had to send one packing during the finale on July 29. Unfortunately, Bachelor Nation said goodbye to our favorite pilot Peter during an emotional moment between the two.

“I’ve never felt this intensely for someone. I know Hannah and I have so much potential for an amazing life together. I can 100 percent see this woman as my wife,” Peter confessed before the rose ceremony. Unfortunately, he was sent home.

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“You’ve opened your heart to me, your families,” Hannah began before giving out the roses. “You’ve been vulnerable and open and honest and I just feel so blessed to have you all in my life but there is an endgame for me in this and I have to continue to make the hard decisions. That makes this hard for me because I’m not just breaking someone’s heart, I’m breaking my heart.”

“You’re like the dream guy,” Hannah told Peter through tears after breaking up with. “There’s nothing wrong … this was amazing.” The pilot simply said he had no regrets about anything.

Although Peter and Hannah’s connection started a bit slower, he quickly caught up to the other frontrunners. The former beauty queen shared many of this season’s steamiest moments — including the now-iconic windmill tryst — with Peter.

Bachelorette Hannah Brown and Peter Weber Night One Pilot Uniform
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“We just have a very special connection … She has my heart. Hannah and I would have the most fun life together,” the stud gushed about the leading lady during their fantasy suite date. The feeling was definitely mutual because Hannah also confessed during the July 15 episode: “Peter is so sexy and so great and so sweet. The total package of what I always dreamed of being with.”

At the point of fantasy suites, Peter was the only finalist who hadn’t dropped the L-bomb … yet. The pilot used that precious time with the reality starlet to knock down any walls he still had remaining and laid it all down on the line.

Peter Weber Flying a Plane With Hannah Brown

“Honestly, today I was really nervous,” he admitted during their date. “I know it makes no sense, but it was hard. With previous stuff, I have not made the best decisions. Meeting you it was completely opposite, and I have never had someone like you in my life, Hannah. You inspire me, you push me, you challenge me, and so, I know what I have with you. The way you are, it’s perfect for me. I just have never truly felt like that with someone, and it made me realize how in love with you I am, and it’s the greatest feeling ever.”

Peter wasn’t the guy for Hannah but we know he’ll find love soon. Good luck!