Florida native Tyler C. made a big entrance on The Bachelorette and definitely left Hannah Brown wanting more. It was easy to see that this season’s leading lady was immediately attracted to him and we have a feeling their chemistry is just going to grow.

It looks like Tyler, 26, is definitely going to stand out among the 30 contestants vying for the 24-year-old’s heart. “Tyler has a very outgoing personality,” a source close to the contestant divulged to Life & Style. “He loves to be the center of attention but he honestly doesn’t have a big ego. He just loves to make everyone laugh and for everyone around him to have a good time.”

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According to his bio, the football player turned general contractor has “only been in one serious relationship but says he will know when he meets the right one because that love will ‘smack him right in the face.'” It seems like Hannah has already smacked him silly! The insider has no doubt that his pal is going to make a splash. “Knowing who he is, he is a very outgoing guy, who is going to be great on TV, he is going to be really close with the guys. He is a great friend, everyone loves him, I don’t think he is going to cause any drama,” the source dished.

However, that’s not to say that he won’t be involved in any riffs. “He definitely won’t start anything but I’m thinking a couple of the guys might be jealous of him. He is a big guy, he’s 6-foot-4. He is a very sociable, outgoing, looks to connect with everyone he gets into contact with,” the source explained.

So, how far is Tyler going to go this season? Keep reading to find out. Caution: Spoilers about Tyler and season 15 are below this point!

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Tyler makes it all the way to hometown dates, according to Reality Steve, where he and Hannah have a fabulous day snorkeling and dancing on the beach in Jupiter. The source hypothesized that the leading lady may get grilled a bit by his protective folks but overall it should be a good time. “I think the mom and dad will be tough. I think the mom really likes Hannah from what she sees. I think she really does love Hannah … His family is incredible.”

It’s safe to say from the evidence at this point that the athletic stud also advances to the top three, which means he will receive an overnight date with the Southern belle.

We can’t wait to watch Tyler and Hannah’s love story unfold!