Honesty hour. Hannah Brown admitted in a candid Instagram post that things aren’t picture-perfect since The Bachelorette ended. In the past few months, she broke off her engagement to Jed Wyatt, has been under a magnifying glass because of Tyler Cameron‘s date with Gigi Hadid and has moved thousands of miles away from her friends and family. We’d say her plate his definitely overloaded.

“Honest policy: I’m struggling. Life is so different. Since last August, I’ve been a pageant queen, a Bachelor contestant, and the Bachelorette,” the 24-year-old began a lengthy caption during the early hours of August 13. “I’ve been in love with multiple people, I got engaged, I broke off an engagement, and I shared it all with millions of people.”

The former Miss Alabama has been extremely honest with her journey — the ups, downs and windmill happenings — but that’s proven to be a double-edged sword. “My faith has been questioned by thousands who don’t know my heart and my transparency with my decisions has labeled me promiscuous,” she continued while adding, “Simultaneously, I’ve become a role model for young women and started bigger conversations around faith and sex.”

It’s been almost a month since the reality babe left her hometown of Tuscaloosa to move to Los Angeles, and she confessed that it’s been a tough transition. “I’m living on my own for the first time and shuffling through this life of next steps with press, media and opportunities galore,” the starlet explained. “I miss my friends and family that have watched my life explode. I feel guilty because I don’t have the time or emotional capacity to fill each of them in on my life right now. I can’t keep up with the people that matter most, because I can barely keep up with my own life right now.”

Hannah Brown Black Velvet Dress at Variety Event

That’s not to say that it’s been all negative. She noted, “I am not complaining about this past year of adventures. The woman who has emerged would shock the mirror-image young girl from a year ago. I have so many blessings to be thankful for.”

Hannah just needed a moment to step back and reflect. “It’s uncharted territory for me, and it’s been hard to really process what the heck is going on. Maybe I needed [to] write this out to remind myself I’m human and it’s okay to be overwhelmed.”

The gorgeous starlet is looking ahead at the person she’s becoming through all the craziness. “Life is beautiful but wild. I think it’s okay to be strong — to know you’re strong — but to still feel weak simultaneously. I believe that’s when the magic happens,” she wrote. Hannah completed her lengthy post by promising, “I’m not going to struggle to disguise my weakness — I’m just gonna give over the keys to my main man Jesus and let him bless me through this ride.”

You got this, girl!