Our dreams could be shattered, Bachelor Nation. Rekindling their romance might be a lost cause for Bachelorette star Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron. The two agreed to grab a drink during the After the Final Rose special on July 30, where it was revealed that she broke off her engagement to Jed Wyatt after he lied about the extent of his relationship with his ex Haley Stevens. Although Hannah and Tyler seemed eager to meet up, an insider dished exclusively to Life & Style that the chance of becoming a couple again might’ve flown out the window when they split on the show.

Hannah brown and tyler cameron bachelorette date
ABC/Mark Bourdillon

“Tyler did genuinely fall for her and loved her, but, at this point, I don’t think he would rekindle things. It would be too complicated now,” the source explained about the studly contestant. “Tyler would definitely be open to hearing her out. That’s just the kind of guy he is — understanding and welcoming and wouldn’t ever hold any hard feelings towards her. But ultimately, it would be too hard for him to take her back.” The insider also added that the Florida native “is at a point in his life where he knows exactly who he is and what he wants.”

Hannah and Tyler had a very flirty vibe during After the Final Rose, and the Alabama beauty even took the initiative to ask him out. However, she’s well aware that there are no expectations about their future hang out. “We probably need to have a few conversations for sure so I don’t really want to rush that,” the former leading lady told Jenny McCarthy during an interview on SirusXM on August 1. “But, I look forward to seeing Tyler and hanging out and catching up on what’s been going on.”

She continued, “This drink is to see where we’re at and be friends and catch up. Because, ultimately, we cannot get back to where we were. That would really hurt everyone. Last time we were together … he was going to propose to me. I hurt him and that hurt me and I’ve been hurt through this.” The reality babe noted that getting reacquainted after so much time apart is step one. “For any type of a relationship for us to have, it has to start as friends and if it ends there then it ends as friends and I want to be supportive of him. I admire him and that is where we need to start off,” she said.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for Tyler and Hannah!