Goodbye, Alabama Hannah? Bachelorette star Hannah Brown has fans wondering if she’s picking up her life in Tuscaloosa and moving to Los Angeles. Although the starlet hasn’t confirmed her next step publicly, a source close to Hannah exclusively dished to Life & Style that she’s officially a West Coast resident.

“Hannah’s going back to the old Hannah, but at the same time, she’s looking forward to change in her life,” the insider confessed. “She just moved to Los Angeles by herself and is in a good spot in her life. She’s … hopeful that her move to L.A. will make her happier and help her figure out what she wants to do post-Bachelorette, especially since she’s going to be given a lot of opportunities.”

Fans got suspicious about her move after a producer from the reality show posted a photo with the caption “moving” that showed someone laying in a pile of stuff and had the former beauty queen tagged. Hannah reposted the photo on July 17 and added, “It’s going really well,” with a California geotag. This poses a lot of questions around the finale of season 15 but it doesn’t come as a total shock.

Hannah Brown Moving to Los Angeles
Courtesy of Hannah Brown Instagram

Did Hannah even want to leave her home state before the show? The 24-year-old previously made it clear that she’s open to relocating. “As a native of Tuscaloosa, Alabama it is time to say goodbye and move on to big opportunities awaiting me elsewhere,” she wrote on her Linkedin profile. If she’s willing to move for work, it’s also possible that she would pack up her life for love. There was also a moment during this season where she divulged to Jed that she had often thought about living in Nashville.

That brings us to the next point — do any of the final three men live in Los Angeles? This could be a major spoiler, but it’s very common for Bachelor Nation alums to move to the sunny city. It doesn’t mean that she or didn’t pick someone based on their location. Tyler C. is currently building his modeling career in New York City while Jed is a Tennessee resident. Pilot Peter is from Westlake Village, California, which is an area about an hour and a half outside of the bustling city.

Hannah Brown The Bachelorette I Don't Know

Either way, it looks like the reality babe is fully enjoying her new city. She later shared photos and videos from a fun day at Disney Land with her pals. The leading lady has stayed hush-hush about her current relationship status and what’s next in her life. We have a feeling that everything will be made clear soon enough!