It all makes sense now. Hannah Brown confessed that her tearful reunion with Peter Weber during The Bachelor premiere, which aired on January 6, was the “hardest day.” Surprisingly, that may have had an effect on her Dancing With the Stars score that week, too. A few clues hint at the timeline of when the Bachelorette star actually saw the pilot during filming, which would have intertwined with rehearsals with Alan Bersten.

“So that was not a blast at all. It was truly the hardest day — a day I was not looking forward to reliving,” the 25-year-old reality babe wrote on Twitter during the early hours of January 7 after The Bachelor aired. “But thank you to those of you who have been so sweet and supportive tonight.”

Hannah Brown Tweets About Reunion With Peter
Courtesy of Hannah Brown Twitter

Hannah first appeared on the 28-year-old’s season when she stepped out of the limo to give the pilot, 28, back a pair of airline wings he originally gifted her so he could go “find his copilot.” She popped up again later on the first group date where she shared a story about all the sexcapades with her ex. Although things seemed lighthearted, Peter later walked in on Hannah sobbing over the feeling that she “f–ked up” letting him go.

Peter Weber Comforts Hannah Brown on The Bachelor

This feeling of regret ran deep and may have been the cause of her scores taking a tumble on DWTS. The Bachelor began filming on September 19, which was three days after Hannah and Alan first performed in the ballroom.

When Peter sees Hannah on the group date — that would’ve been filmed after night one — he called her “birthday girl.” The Bachelor Nation beauty celebrated her 25th birthday on September 24, one day after week 2 of DWTS.

If the emotional conversation with Peter took place on or right after her birthday that would explain why Hannah and Alan had a rocky rumba performance the following week. The starlet happened to be guest blogging for Bustle during the whole experience and wrote a very enlightening entry on September 25.

“I think what it’s coming down to is I feel like I’ve made a lot of decisions that I shouldn’t have trusted in the past year. That’s the raincloud over all this. Because of that, it’s manifesting in dance,” she explained. “I don’t trust myself to just take a step. I don’t trust myself to make decisions right now, because a lot of the decisions I made the past year, were they the best? I don’t know. I was having that a-ha moment that trust is not something that I really have right now, at all. For other people, or for myself. It was a heavy day.”

The devil works hard but Bachelor production works harder. Time will tell what unravels between Hannah and Peter!